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“All of life is like poker: Making decisions with incomplete information.”

— Chris Sparks, Founder of The Forcing Function

Chris Sparks is the founder of The Forcing Function, a company which is empowering the next generation of entrepreneurship by transforming the way we think about work.

Chris was once ranked in the top 20 online poker players in the world. Now he trains a select number of startup executives to deploy the same techniques he used to gain a competitive edge so that they too can reach the highest limits. His clients consistently perform at their peak, accelerate their business growth, and build lives with greater freedom and purpose.

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After years of deconstructing and distilling the success of top performers, Chris open-sourced that knowledge in a free workbook, Experiment Without Limits. It's packed with prompts to inspire personal reflection and step-by-step experiments for installing the habits and systems necessary for peak performance.

He is currently hosting workshops and retreats around NYC and is working with his partner Marianna on a second book, Inflection Point, a guide to sparking a radical shift in life trajectory, set for release in 2020.

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