“All of life is like poker: Making decisions with incomplete information.”

— Chris Sparks, Founder of The Forcing Function

Chris Sparks founded The Forcing Function in 2017 at the behest of friends and family who believed that he should share his talent for peak performance training with others.

Chris is now the right-hand man to dozens of successful entrepreneurs, giving them the systems they need to multiply their productivity and maximize their effectiveness.

After years of deconstructing and distilling the habits of top performers, Chris wrote Inflection Point, his guide to generating a complete shift in life trajectory.

In his days as a professional poker player, Chris was ranked one of the top 20 online poker players in the world.

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  • Chris works with a select number of startup CEOs, helping them build systems and remove bottlenecks to maximize performance.

  • Clients of The Forcing Function shape the world in lots of interesting ways such as treating disorders, transforming e-commerce, creating films, impact investing, assisting kids with special needs, and fighting climate change.

  • Chris is launching the Best Practices Workbook where he shares 100 pages of top recommendations and exercises for maximizing performance. Sign up for early access here.

  • Chris is writing Inflection Point (publishing 2020) which shares his evolution and how it led to his systems for peak performance, team productivity and personal growth. A few sample chapters can be found here and shorter-form writing on the blog.

  • Chris is constantly reading and testing new products, trying to identify the principles and tools which lead to peak performance. Primary areas of study include psychology, sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, complexity, philosophy, and emerging technology. An updated list of his top recommendations can be found on the Favorite Books, Favorite Articles, and Favorite Resource pages.

  • If you are interested in having Chris host a workshop or speak at your event, you can email us at events@theforcingfunction.com.

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