The Creative Process

Chris teamed up with Tiago Forte and David Perell (creators of Building A Second Brain and Write of Passage) to host The Creative Process, a sold out interactive workshop building systems for consistently creating quality content.

From capturing insights and ideas all the way to regularly publishing world-class writing that moves a career forward, it was a hands-on experience designed to level up attendees relationship to the information they consume.


Founder Summit

Chris partnered with Ian Jarvis to create Founder Summit, gathering a select group of entrepreneurs to illuminate the essential skills needed to own their company’s future beyond the first stage.  The goal: to transform outlook, character, and actions for long-term leadership and fast-track from Founder to CEO.

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Peak Performance Workshops

Interested in peak performance? Adamant on taking yourself to the next level? We’ll go over general personal development, productivity learnings, peak performance behaviors, actionable exercises and peak performance strategies to use daily, weekly, and for the rest of your life.

Peak Performance for Teams

Assess and improve your teams’ dynamics and effectiveness through multiple dimensions: transforming productivity, identifying peak performance behaviors, and implementing applied teamwork exercises. Leave this workshop with a better understanding of the current state of your organization and team and a clear path to peak performance.

The Forcing Function “Getting Things Done” Meetup

"The Forcing Function: Getting Things Done" is a community for improving and honing skills in peak performance, productivity, and personal development. The Forcing Function's community mission is to support talented entrepreneurs and peak performance enthusiasts in maximizing their effectiveness at work and building a life with greater freedom and purpose. This group is for anyone currently practicing or interested in learning more about peak performance training, personal development, and productivity in NYC.