Upcoming Events

Group Quarterly Review #1: October 1st

The Forcing Function will be leading a group Quarterly Review event on Tuesday, October 1st from 6:30PM - 9:00PM at CLASS&CO in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Tickets TBA.

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Want to host a Peak Performance workshop for your team, community, or company?

We offer curated packages, details available upon request. Email us at events@theforcingfunction.com for more information.


TFF Worksprints

Do you have a project you’re ready to tackle? Would you like to take your performance to the next level? Are you ready to make a ton of progress?

At TFF Worksprints, we will provide the structure and support you need to make serious headway on your most challenging projects. You will accomplish more in a few hours than you thought was possible—and have fun doing it.

VC + Founder Breakfasts

Want to get your day started right? At The Forcing Function Breakfast, we gather founders and executives together for healthy breakfast and intimate conversation at our favorite NYC restaurants.

During each breakfast, there will be an interactive keynote with a venture capitalist or successful startup founders.

We always keep these gatherings small so that attendees have the opportunity to introduce themselves, chat with the keynote speaker, and connect with other entrepreneurs.

Peak Performance Enthusiast Workshops

Interested in peak performance? Adamant on taking yourself to the next level? We’ll go over general personal development, productivity learnings, peak performance behaviors, actionable exercises and peak performance strategies to use daily, weekly, and for the rest of your life.

Peak Performance for Teams

Assess and improve your teams’ dynamics and effectiveness through multiple dimensions: transforming productivity, identifying peak performance behaviors, and implementing applied teamwork exercises. Leave this workshop with a better understanding of the current state of your organization and team and a clear path to peak performance.