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Founder | CEO

Chris Sparks was once ranked in the top 20 online poker players in the world. Now he trains a select number of startup executives to deploy the same techniques he used to gain a competitive edge so that they too can reach the highest limits. His clients consistently perform at their peak, accelerate their business growth, and build lives with greater freedom and purpose.

After years of deconstructing and distilling the success of top performers, Chris open-sourced that knowledge in a free workbook, Experiment Without Limits. He is currently hosting workshops and retreats and working on a second book, Inflection Point, his guide to sparking a radical shift in life trajectory, set for release in 2020.



Partner | COO

Marianna Phillips has worked in product, operations, and community management roles across a number of startups.

She co-founded Math Plus Music (Math+Music), an international public art series combining live musical performance and math education.

She creatively partners on projects with various artists, among them Katya Lee, and runs DoNotMindtheGap, a newsletter that explores the nature of ideas and innovation at the intersection of (and in the gaps between) various fields.



Director of Events & Partnerships

Amanda Espiritu works with various startups, entrepreneurs, and non-profits as a marketing/social media consultant, an event producer, and as a key partner to grow global communities.

Amanda is one of the founding members of the non-profit and global artist collective Stageless Arts, douses people in confetti for The Confetti Project, and MC's concerts for Sofar Sounds NY. Her most recent project Creative Surrender Studios serves as a space that pushes people to get out of whatever creative rut they might be in, have deep talks, and finish their passion projects.



Project Manager

Tasha Conti keeps things running smoothly so that our clients can achieve their biggest goals.

Tasha is an actor with a background in teaching and educational administration. After coordinating an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at a low-income high school in Arizona, she went back to school for her MFA in Acting and moved to NYC to pursue the stage. Her recent credits include The Open Window & The Necklace at the Educational Theatre of New York and touring China with the Montana Repertory Theatre’s To Kill a Mockingbird.